Body Image Conf 2016

We are gearing up for the National Body Image Conference.  Please check out for all the details and registration information.  That page will continue to be updated.  We are excited to present our keynote speaker — Whitney Way Thore!

Jean Kilbourne

SAVE THE DATE – March 10th, 2016 – 7:30PM – Cabrini Mansion

The Department of English and Gender and Body Studies is thrilled to present the 2nd Annual KatherineAlexandra Foundation Speaker, Jean Kilbourne. She will present “The Naked Truth:  Advertising’s Image of Women.”  Her talk will be followed by a book signing and coffee/dessert.

Jean Kilbourne is internationally recognized for her groundbreaking work on the image of women in advertising and her critical studies of alcohol and tobacco advertising. Her films, lectures, and television appearances have been seen by millions of people throughout the world. She was named by The New York Times Magazine as one of the three most popular speakers on college campuses. She is the author of the award-winning book Can’t Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel and So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids. The prize-winning films based on her lectures include Killing Us Softly, Spin the Bottle, and Slim Hopes. She is a frequent guest on radio and television programs, including “The Today Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” She has served as an advisor to the Surgeon General and has testified for the U.S. Congress. She holds an honorary position as Senior Scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women. According to Susan Faludi, “Jean Kilbourne’s work is pioneering and crucial to the dialogue of one of the most underexplored, yet most powerful, realms of American culture —advertising. We owe her a great debt.” A member of the Italian Parliament said, “Hearing Jean Kilbourne is a profound experience. Audiences leave her feeling that they have heard much more than another lecture, for she teaches them to see themselves and their world differently.” She has received many awards, including the Lecturer of the Year award from the National Association for Campus Activities. A more unusual tribute was paid when an all-female rock group in Canada named itself Kilbourne in her honor.


Healing Magazine

Happy Summer!

Happy to share a publication in Healing Magazine that features all of the work we are doing at Cabrini College related to body image.  (Click and zoom to read — once the magazine posts a live link, I’ll share that instead.)



BIG NEWS….I am incredibly grateful for the Katherine Alexandra Foundation whose support makes my work possible.  Today I’m proud to announce that….drum roll please…..

Yesterday the full faculty of Cabrini College voted and passed a new Gender and Body Studies Major and Minor program that will be housed within the Department of English and will be interdisciplinary in nature:

The Gender and Body Studies Major and Minor intellectually grounds students in the texts, theoretical frameworks, and cultural influences that define the scholarly disciplines of Gender and Body Studies. Students in this program will become versed in and apply feminist and gender theories as they examine the range of cultural practices and social influences that shape our perceptions of gender, sexuality, and bodies. The concepts of diversity, inclusivity, and disposition will inform many of the courses, as students explore cultural representations and social constructions of body image, race, class, gender, ability, and sexuality. The purpose of this program is to expose students to the historical trajectory of gender studies and its impact on social justice issues in contemporary society and to encourage undergraduate research in the emerging area of Body Studies.

Through this reading and writing intensive program, students will become shrewd interpreters of culture and distinctive communicators in oral and written form. Students who pursue this major/minor will become critical and creative thinkers who are well-prepared for a variety of careers and graduate study.

Body Image Workshop

On Wednesday, April 15 in the Widener Lecture Hall, we had the pleasure of hearing a presentation entitled

“Why do I feel fat in my skinny jeans? A workshop in perfectionism, body image, and self compassion.” Melissa Harrison, MA LPC and Jenna DiLossi, MS, NCC, LPC presented on “thinking fat” vs. “feeling fat” and how our perfectionist tendencies can contribute to the way we feel about our bodies.  This event was co-sponsored by the Body Image Coalition and the Department of English with support from the Katherine Alexandra Foundation.IMG_3496

Body Image Coalition Fashion Show

Congrats to the students who modeled in the BeYOUtiful Fashion Show last night.  What a great night it was celebrating our beauty!  Special kudos to Body Image Coalition student leaders Gabby and Kylie who put a lot of effort into planning the event.

Here are some photos from last night:

Don’t forget our next event — Wednesday, April 15th at 4:45PM in Widener Lecture Hall — “Why do I feel fat in my skinny jeans? A workshop in perfectionism, body image, and self compassion.”  Dinner will be served and we hope to see you there!

If you purchased a BeYOUtiful shirt, we’d love to see you wear yours on April 15th, too!  T-shirts are still available for purchase and we will sell them again next year as we continue the new tradition of decorating these shirts for the fashion show.

Body Language!

Just a few exciting updates….

First, I’m proud to announce the launch of a new Living and Learning Community….Body Language.  I’m excited to partner with Drs. Grove and Gordon who will bring an interdisciplinary approach to Body Studies in this LLC, which will feature new Social Work and ECG 100 classes.  We already have received applications from prospective students and are excited to build this new program.


Secondly, the National Undergraduate Conference on Body Image has received some great press.  One of our presenters was featured on her school’s website and the Cabrini Magazine featured the conference, too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.30.04 AM

Our Applied Learning in Women’s Studies students are busy planning for the Be(YOU)tiful Fashion Show, which is sponsored by the Body Image Coalition and the Department of English. Save the Date for March 16th at 8PM in Grace Hall Atrium.  Hope to see you there!  Also, there will be a special workshop on body image in April.  More info on that soon.

Stay warm,

Dr. F-B